If you are developing a project, financing a development or buying or selling a property we will work closely with you to obtain a bespoke legal indemnities insurance solution to the risk or risk you are facing. 

In order to start this process, we require you to provide us with the relevant information and documentation – information for the most common risks we are asked to obtain quotes for are detailed in the Shopping List, however we have the expertise to offer solutions for multiple risks affecting freehold and leasehold titles. For further information please read the guidance note or the FAQ’s below.

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What kinds of risks can I cover?

There are a variety of risks which can affect the freehold and leasehold title to property which in turn affect developments, funding and sales or purchases. The most common of these are included in the Shopping List – however, we can approach a wide range of markets to develop bespoke products for any range of risk which may affect your title to the property. These include but are not limited to: Restrictive Freehold Covenants, Leasehold Covenants, Forfeiture of Lease, Judicial Review, Mining and Mineral Risks, Adverse Possession and Insolvency Act transactions

What are the benefits of obtaining insurance prior to development or transaction?

Legal indemnities issues affecting your title can have a consequence on both developments being realised and investments being completed. Legal indemnities insurance can help provide comfort by mitigating loss such as which developers and funders are exposed to prior to the commencement of and during development.

What other policies are you able to offer?

We also have access to a range of online facilities and underwriting teams for commercial and residential conveyancing risks to facilitate the sale or purchase of property. This allows for a quick turnaround time as part of the conveyancing process.

How do I obtain a quote?

Contact one of our team at Light and Legal Indemnity Solutions and we will be able to assist you further in obtaining a quote.

How do I put a policy in place?

You will need to send us written (email confirmation) in order to place a policy on risk. You will then receive an invoice from Light & Legal Indemnity Solutions requesting payment within 14 days.